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Member since I also pay for Content Unlimited and find it useful. My observation is that most of the time when searching I get very little true “Content Unlimited” material. Instead I get a large scroll listing of Net Search material.
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Unlike regular consumers who buy their favorite music tracks one by one on iTunes or Beatport, DJs have very different needs. When you work a gig, or even just practice at home, you need more than just your favorite top 20 tracks. You need hundreds if not thousands of tracks, some of them you might play once or twice in your life and never see them again.

Obviously buying all of them is not a practical option. That’s why VirtualDJ gives you an easy access to some popular online catalogs. Think of it as the Netflix of DJs. You can even cache all the songs you want on your computer and play them in VirtualDJ without an Internet connection. With a subscription from one of our partner catalogs, you will be able to face almost any request from your customers, even for songs you never heard about.

And you’ll always have access to the latest tracks as soon as they get released, no matter where you are. In order to bring you the best selection of high-quality music, video and karaoke, VirtualDJ let you subscribe to the most reliable content providers in the industry.

We are commited to ensure that you get the best and latest content legally, while making sure the artists get compensated for their work. This is a professional service. Check iDJPool conditions to see if you qualify to use it. Internationally powered by DigiTrax Karaoke Cloud content. You can download our Karaoke Menu: Check VJPro conditions to see if you qualify to use it. You need a credit or debit card to subscribe, that will be charged automatically every month.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply clicking on the cancel button on the buy page, and we’ll immediately stop charging your credit card. Once canceled, your subscription will continue to work until the end of your current month. To use your subscription, just make sure your VirtualDJ software is logged into your account. You will see online results everytime you search for something that isn’t found on your local database.

Or, you can specifically search for online results in the specific online folders. Once you see an online song you want, just drag’n’drop it on a deck and start playing it, or choose ‘Download To Cache’ if you want to cache it for offline use. These subscription services are provided by the respective partners and not directly by VirtualDJ.

By subscribing to this service, you warrant and represent without condition or reservation, that you are a DJ or media professional as per the definitions above and seek access to this service strictly within such capacity. About VirtualDJ.

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content unlimited music plan again, depending on your answers in this Any comments about contents, stability, and so on is appreciated. wrote: maybe he’s playing on an installed system in a club or something . Otherwise content unlimited is also not available I guess. Topic: Content Unlimited on Virtual Dj Home not showing up much i was looking for the content unlimited folder everyone was talking about i.

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You can’t find Beyonce tracks on CU? She’s a major artist. Why have you not bought the tracks? You say in your other post that you’re prepared to pay for obscure tracks, but were searching CU for Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. Surely IMO you have that the wrong way around.

What is ContentUnlimited Q. What are Online Content Catalogs?

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Virtual DJ Software, MP3 and Video mix software. VirtualDJ provides instant BPM beat matching, synchronized sampler, scratch, automatic. Online Content Catalogs is an optional cloud-based subscription service that enables you to stream music, karaoke and/or video (Depending on your. To do this, with an active Internet connection, right-click on the downloaded content folder and choose this option. We would recommend doing this just prior to.

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