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If you want free and portable defrag, try Auslogics. If you want to pay for defrag, try Diskeeper. After trying previous iobit software, I prefer not to install iobit software in my PC.
smart defrag 5.8.6 key

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If you want free and portable defrag, try Auslogics. If you want to pay for defrag, try Diskeeper. After trying previous iobit software, I prefer not to install iobit software in my PC.

Windows has built in defrag. Do you think we need a help page on how to uncheck additional software piggyback installs, and how to turn off auto loading and phoning home, and how to determine if we actually WANT what someone considered to be “Potentially” Unwanted Programs PUPs? I have since uninstalled it and use diskeeper, as iobit software was just too intrusive.

I paid for their software and still got ads, I asked iobit how to disable the ads since I had purchased their software and they said there is no way to stop the ads, so I stopped using their software. The same issue occurs with NCH software, you pay for their software and get nothing but ads, NCH and oibit are just clueless.

I will get this since registration code that came in read now has reached the limit and can no longer be used to activate Smart Defreg. It detects them as being potentially unwanted. Peter Blaise, Malwarebytes, does not detect Auslogics programs as being malware and has never done so.

We here know, however, that all you have to do is terminate any IObit program after using it, eliminating any auto start auto schedule auto tray mode features.

Peter Blaise, which iobit app due you use, as most of us know, just terminating the app will not stop the ads. You can see this for yourself, by scanning the installer for any Auslogics product, at VirusTotal. Peter Blaise, once again, their products are not detected as malware.

I recommend the free [ Autoruns ] tool from Microsoft SysInternals, though free [ CCleaner ] has some similar tools, as well as Microsoft’s free [ MSConfig ], free [ Glary Utilities ], and just about any other free tool, including some free IObit tools themselves.

I personally like this prog, and get it and all of it’s stablemates when Iobit kindly offer them at least once a year each prog If I remember correctly it’s Dashlane, a password manager that’s the scary PUP everyones been frightened of. Dashlane is actually a nice prog, but I prefer sticky password, but I have no qualms using Dashlane if I temporarily lose my GOTD sticky password install. D Murphy you might not have noticed, but there is more than one defrag option in the prog.

Yes the default one might be a bit quick for your liking, but do try the others before you write a disparaging comment. People do rely on the accuracy of comments posted to decide whether a particular giveaway is for them or not. Too often we get comments posted in here that are in fact unfair to a number of the offers companies kindly donate. I believe if you have an SSD there is not need for this. John Davidson, no need for this.

Non invasive and not detrimental to your ssd but I personally feel it freshens up my SSD and it is a shade quicker afterwards John Davidson, It doesn’t do a hard “scrub” defrag on your ssd, but it runs a trim tidy on it. All you are doing is shortening the life-time of your SSD disk. It cuts up to five seconds off my boot time after I use it. Very wide covering statement “All you are doing is shortening the life-time of your SSD disk.

This software as I said doesn’t scrub defrag lots of moving the head in traditional drives it just looks and trims, same way win 10 treats SSD. Harry, Sorry but in my case it’s not. It really means it may be 0 seconds or even worse than 0 seconds seconds improvement slower at booting for instance but is assured to never be better than 5 seconds improvement in boot time. So in empirical terms it is a meaningless claim!

Do you have any real before and after measurements in boot time that are assured to be like for like? As anything below 5 seconds difference seems to be within the margin of error if programatically or manually attempting to measure just the boot time rather than the REBOOT time which is a different measurement altogether as it includes the logout and shut down duration too which is highly dependant upon the polite or need to force shut down of whatever active processes are active at the time of the re-boot request.

Nor will it improve anything in terms of speed all it might do is place a previously TRIMed sectrion of SSD that HAS been formally erased back onto the to be erased list once again and therefore potentially shorten an SSD dirves life as every memory cell on an SSD has a finite and predicitable maximum number of erase cycles it can tolerate before it becomes unusable.

There is no appreciably measurable improvement in operational speed of a good SSD drive on an adequate windows 10 computer system by performing ANY form of defragmentation TRIM based or “scrub” based which is a non-standard term and implies securely erasing the original clusters after a move which to my knowledge NO commonly available defragmentation tool does! Not the built in windows ones of ANY version nor any free one I’ve tried or any commercial one that uses the safe windows defragmentaion API since that retains the original data until it is actually overwritten at a later date which is how it can be said to be a safe defragmentation engine.

I would rather wait 5 seconds than install another program on my computer that just takes up space. You can cut more than 5 seconds off your boot time just by making sure unnecessary programs do not boot up at the start of Windows.

Smart Defrag helps defrag your hard drive most efficiently

This Pin was discovered by viki lodhi. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Smart Defrag License Key is the latest invention in the category of disk defragment software which main initiative is to enhance the. IObit smart defrag PRO license key % working. In this video i am going to show you how to download,install, and active!.

IObit Smart Defrag 5.8.6 PRO License Key 2018

IObit Smart Defrag Pro 6. It not just defragments computer profoundly but optimizes disk efficiency. The software provides functions quietly and automatically in the background on the PC of yours, maintaining the hard disk of yours operating at its speediest.

Smart Defrag Pro Full Serial key With Cracked Setup

MD5 Checksum: Based on IObit latest disk defrag engine and “Boot Time Disk Defrag” technology, Smart Defrag not only provides defragmentation, like any typical disk defragmenter can do, but also intelligently streamlines your files based on using frequency, thus accelerating disk speed for faster data access! With the unique Deep Analyze technology, it smartly clean junk files before defragmentation to save more disk space for you.

Watch: Smart Defrag Build Download for Windows 10, 8, 7

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack is a powerful software which helps defragment your hard disk most efficiently. It not just defragments. IObit Smart Defrag PRO License Key / Lifetime activation. Smart Defrag is a free, light, and stable disk defragment tool, which will give your hard drives faster file loading and Key features include.

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