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How to Apply for an Aadhaar Card? How to Apply for Aadhaar Card? All individuals can enroll for an Aadhaar card as it serves purpose of an address proof and that of an identification proof. Children, as well as adults, who are eligible to apply for an aadhaar card, can apply for one however; the process can be a little lengthy. The primary thing that should be kept in mind is that the registration of aadhaar card is completely voluntary and even if you have not gotten yourself registered, you can still avail of all the privileges that you are eligible for.
how to get e aadhar card

Link Aadhaar

Steps to Download and Print e-Aadhaar For whatever reason you want to download your Aadhaar card , whether you have misplaced the original physical copy or mistakenly destroyed it, you can download the same here: For downloading your E-Aadhaar, you need to visit the aforementioned link and then follow the below steps.

Select the option of the detail you have. The other option is that of Aadhaar. Here you will have to fill the Aadhaar No. Then you will need to fill in your Full Name. The Name which you will mention here should be the same one you mentioned when registering for Aadhaar. In the next row, enter the PIN Code of the postal address you mentioned when registering for Aadhaar. Enter the Image text relevant to the image which is being displayed a row above. Enter your mobile no. This mobile no. You will receive a One Time Password on your registered mobile no.

Then, a PDF file will be presented to you for downloading. That is your E-Aadhaar. As mentioned before, your online Aadhaar card E-Aadhaar card is password protected.

If you want to better understand how to get E Aadhaar Card Password, you can visit this link: Through this you understand how to obtain the password to open your Aadhaar card pdf file. Moreover, if you have forgotten your Aadhaar card PDF password you can know that by following the above steps.

Benefits of E-Aadhaar Card If your Aadhaar card has been stolen or misplaced you can very easily visit the aforementioned online link and download the same at your comfort and convenience.

This downloaded file is called E-Aadhaar. A benefit of E-Aadhaar is that it reflects the latest updates of your Aadhaar details. So if you happen to edit any information of the Aadhaar online and then you want your revised Aadhaar card, you need not visit the UIDAI authorized centres to avail your Aadhaar card offline, you can very well download the latest version of your Aadhaar card from anywhere, anytime by downloading the Aadhaar Card Online through the E-Aadhaar card.

That Aadhaar card as aforementioned is called an E-Aadhaar. The Government of India is slowly and steadily integrating and linking all their data and information with the Aadhaar card database. Through Aadhaar you can also avail many governmental schemes and subsidies. Direct Benefit Transfer schemes in relevance to Aadhaar means that through linking your Aadhaar to your bank accounts, you can get the monetary benefits of any and all government subsidy schemes directly into your bank accounts.

These schemes can include public subsidy and unemployment benefit schemes. Recently it was announced that the benefits of the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna or the Crop Insurance Scheme can also be availed through the Aadhaar-linked bank accounts.

Through DBT Aadhaar linked bank account and subsidy scheme linkage , ghost beneficiaries of public subsidy schemes have been exceptionally excluded to a large extent. Biometric Attendance: The Biometric attendance system in our offices can also be linked to our Aadhaar card. This will help in checking late arrival and absenteeism in offices, especially public offices where this seems to be a major problem.

This is also expected to help in disciplining public officers too. If you have your Aadhaar linked to your biometric attendance, it can help you regulate your attendance once such a system is installed in your office.

Such a system can help you in your appraisal cycle too as the relevant authorities will have your complete attendance and basic personal profile to know of your good social behaviour too.

This will act as a National Database for government employees. Other Uses: Possessing an Aadhaar card is expected to be an obligatory requirement for all Indian Passport holders. It is also suggested that people who possess Aadhaar can get their passports issued within a week or two.

Aadhaar-linked SIM cards are also being sold in the market today. This system can revolutionize the Indian voting system as it can weed out the fake or duplicate voter and can create an error-free and fool-proof voter identification system in the country.

Ration Cards: In states like Telangana, Aadhaar number has also been linked to ration cards so as to prevent duplication of ration cards. So basically, Aadhaar as the name suggests is expected to take over as a single identity document for all Indian individuals and will then bring seamless uniformity in the system. To enable this with comfort and convenience, the government has brought out a system which lets you access Aadhaar electronically.

What is the password to open e Aadhaar PDF file? I am not able to open the pdf file of my e Aadhaar card. Do I have to submit Aadhaar card password as well when I provide e-Aadhaar at the time of credit card and personal loan application? Yes, you have to provide the Aadhaar card password when you apply for credit card or personal loan and provide e-Aadhaar as the proof.

Why is the Password Required?

Know About Aadhaar Card Password ✓ Steps to download and print e-Aadhaar ✓ Why is the Password Required? ✓ Benefits of E-Aadhaar Card at. To download E-Aadhar Card from UIDAI official website, read this step by step If you don’t have your Aadhaar: Keep your enrolment number along with the. It is thus important for all Indian citizens to have an Aadhaar card. Obtaining an e- Aadhaar card online is easy and can be done without any hassle.

Aadhaar card address update: How to change it online, offline

Aug 27, , Original documents will be scanned and handed back to you after updation. The Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional validity of Aadhaar in its judgement.

Steps to Download Duplicate e-Aadhaar Card Online

At times, people also forget to retain their enrolment slip or end up losing it. In case this is the scenario with you, take the following steps to get your enrolment number back.

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Know About Aadhaar Card Password ✓ Steps to download and print e-Aadhaar ✓ Why is the Password Required? ✓ Benefits of E-Aadhaar Card at. Without the registered mobile number, you cannot get your Aadhaar online. You can follow the. It is thus important for all Indian citizens to have an Aadhaar card. Obtaining an e- Aadhaar card online is easy and can be done without any hassle.

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