How to Cancel (Disable) & Refund Avast Auto-Renewal

Published by Mason Jara on March 13, March 13, Automatic Renewal of the Avast Subscription means that before your license expires, avast services will self-deduct the renewal amount of your license from your approved credit card or PayPal account. In short, you are not required to be updated for this. However, there are many users who want this feature to be active so that they can get uninterrupted services. While few of them want another antivirus or do not want to continue with premium versions.
how to disable avast auto renewal

Steps to Cancel Automatic Renewal of Avast Antivirus

Avast 60 day Free Subscription Cancel Avast Subscription Here we will tell you that how can you turn off auto-renewal in avast.

Here we have some tips to turn off auto-renewal in avast and how to get a refund from avast even you paid for it. As we told you that after one year avast deduct money for auto-renewal, So some people want to cancel avast subscription. There are so many ways to cancel the avast subscription, Two of them are most used and easier than others. With the help of following steps, You can do it yourself within 10 minutes.

Another way to cancel the avast subscription is the use of your Digital River or Nexway account. You can cancel your subscription with the help of your Digital River.

If you want to get a refund after subscription, Avast will refund it. There are some steps to turn off auto-renewal in avast: Go to the Digital River customer portal, by on the link. You will see the login option in a portal. Login there from your number and password. Your order number and password can be found in the original e-mail you received after your purchase from address avast digitalriver.

After finding your order details, You should click on the manage subscription. On the page of subscription details, you will find Automatic renewals. You should it off. You should confirm it by clicking on the Disable Automatic Renewal link on the pop-up message. Now your automatic renewal is canceled and you should see Off in the Automatic Renewals line.

Canceling all the auto-renewal will also remove avast email signature from your registered email addresses. Turn Off Auto Renewal Via Avast Account You can also cancel the auto-renewal by your avast account when the first way has some interruptions. It is so easy to cancel auto-renewal by your avast account within 5 minutes. There are some steps, which help you to cancel auto-renewal in avast: Open your avast software You will see a sign in option in the top right corner.

Enter your email and password to log in You have to enter the same email which is used for the original purchase from avast. You will see there all your licenses associated with an Avast account.

Find Auto Renewal License on your screen. You will see an option to cancel it, Click there and auto-renewal will be cancel After the cancellation of auto-renewal, You will get a confirmation mail with subject Avast-Auto Renewal Feature Has Been Stopped. It is very simple and straightway instead of others.

There are some points, Which can help you to cancel auto-renewal in avast: Go to the link support. Fill in the correct information which has been used for the avast subscription with cancel request. You have to use the same e-mail you have used during the original purchase. Wait for the Avast Customer Service response to confirm the cancellation.

Avast customer care gives you the facility to apply for the refund, You have 30 days to apply for the refund. See if you have still your avast whitelist enabled. Avast has a different policy to apply for the refund for an old user and new user and avast customer service billing is responsible for it. You can apply for the avast customer service refund from the customer support within the first 30 days if your license has renewed or 60 days if you are the new user to purchase the avast license.

With the use of the following tips, You can apply for refund easily: You have to enter the same mail address you have used during the purchase. Wait for the response by Avast Customer Care to confirm the refund. Avast 60 day Free Subscription Avast gives you a free trial of 60 days, this policy of avast can make it more popular and searches.

It is easy to get a free trial of Avast. When you will go to the avast customer portal, You will see an option for the free trial, Click on the option and fill in the information with your credit card or Paypal card. You can also cancel the Avast Free Trial, It is the same as above. Go to the avast official website and open the customer portal and fill in the information with cancel request then the Free Trial of Avast will be canceled.

All your saved Avast Passwords will also be disabled and deleted. Related Posts.

How To Cancel Automatic Renewal Of Avast Orders?

Follow these steps to cancel Avast subscription and claim a refund. Cancel or disable Avast auto-renewal for Android, Mac, and iOS devices. Automatic Renewal of the Avast Subscription means that before your license expires, avast services will self-deduct the renewal amount of your. If you are looking for a way to get the refund of your Avast Antivirus, then this blog DISABLE YOUR AUTO-RENEWAL SERVICE OF AVAST.

How to Cancel Avast Auto Renewal and Get Refund on New Billing?

You can disable automatic renewal via the Avast customer portal. Open the Avast customer portal in your internet browser: You can find your order ID and password in your order confirmation email from avast digitalriver.

How To Cancel Avast Subscription?

Published by Roy Miller on January 3, January 3, While browsing the Avast antivirus, subscription message will be displayed on your system. Once you click on the subscription button you will come to know the latest featured information related to the Avast antivirus.

Watch: How To Cancel Avast Subscription – Easy & Quick Guide

1) Launch your Avast Disable Automatic Renewal via Avast. Automatic renewal is that feature of Avast Antivirus where recurring bill subscription by choosing the option of Disable automatic Renewal. In the world of cyber-security; Avast is one of the most popular antivirus brands. Avast offers numerous advanced security features at very good.

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