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An IP Internet Protocol address is a string of characters that uniquely identifies your device on the web. Why do things need to be so complicated? Well, IPv4 addresses are just 32 bits long, which means there can only ever be around 4. By September , with just about everything connected to the internet, four out of five RIRs had completely run out of IPv4 addresses! At bits, IPv6 addresses are the answer:
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Three Ways to Hide Your IP Address

It sucks! I know. Get past censorship Has your government declared certain parts of the internet out of bounds? As a student are you unable to access certain sites because your college has blocked them?

In either situation, hiding IP address can help you view the censored content. Keep your search-engine history private Whether you like it or not, search engines like Google and Bing keep track of all queries you make. If you want to keep your search-engine history private, masking your IP address is the way to go.

Not only that, it can even sell this information and make money! Use a VPN service! This is by far the best and the easiest way to browse the net anonymously. Imagine you want to purchase a few bottles of beer, but are not old enough to legally buy alcohol.

So you hand over the money to an older friend, who in turn gets the beer for you. He thinks your friend is the buyer — not you. Like your friend, a VPN service can secretly lend you a helping hand. For instance, if you want to access a geo-restricted site, you must first find out how to hide your IP address. The VPN service aka your best buddy is here to help. You hand over your request to the VPN service in secret that is, in an encrypted form.

It contacts the site on your behalf and gains access. It then forwards the access details to you again, in secret and voila — you can now access the restricted content as much as you like. The website thinks just like the store owner it is dealing with someone else and not you. Since all communication between you and your VPN server is encrypted, it is the most secure and easiest way how you can manage to hide the IP address of a device.

But remember, this is only the case when you use a premium VPN solution. Because… Free VPN solutions are either malicious or very limited in features. The outright harmful ones make money off you by collecting your data and selling it to the highest bidder. This, of course, negates the whole purpose of using a VPN. Worse, they may even piggyback on your connection for malicious purposes.

The genuine free VPN solutions, on the other hand, only offer a small amount of bandwidth. Most paid solutions, however, remain a solid choice. The traffic between your device and VPN server is encrypted. This in turn helps safeguard your data and privacy. You can access geo-restricted sites through a VPN provided your provider has servers in at least one whitelisted country.

Setting up and using a VPN is a cinch. A VPN service can slow down your internet browsing speed, as it encrypts your traffic. Opt for a web proxy server This is an intermediary server, which redirects your web traffic and prevents the websites you visit from knowing your real IP address.

The latter connects you to Google. When you use a proxy server, your request is rerouted. Like earlier, the request first goes to your ISP. The latter assigns your device a ghost IP and then directs you to the destination.

This is because the man-in-the-middle server neither encrypts your data, nor does it wipe out any recognizable markers apart from your original IP address. This way, for instance, you can use a US-based proxy to access US Netflix content from other countries.

It is also a suitable option for other low-risk tasks like bypassing content filters. You can use it to hide your IP address. The data can get leaked while it passes through a proxy, as it is not encrypted. Most intermediary servers keep logs.

This means others can track your online activity. Web-based proxy servers only hide your IP address when it comes to browser-generated traffic. Most free intermediary servers display ads, which can be irritating 3. It protects you by routing your data through a series of voluntarily-run servers called nodes and wrapping it in multiple layers of encryption.

It uses three types of nodes — entry guard node, middle node, and exit node. When you use Tor, your request is encrypted and then forwarded to an entry node randomly picked by the network — instead of directly going to Amazon.

Next, it bounces off some middle nodes, before reaching the exit node. Here your request is decrypted and then finally sent to Amazon. The information from the website is routed back to you in the same way — that is, through a series of relays and cloaked in secrecy. Many consider Tor network the best IP hiding solution — and understandably so. Installing Tor and using it is easy. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It makes it extremely difficult to track your real IP address.

It gives you access to. These sites can only be accessed using the Tor browser. Many major sites run an. Thanks to Tor, people in heavily-censored countries can communicate freely. Because it is open-source software, anyone can inspect its code. This reduces the chances of it having malicious backdoors. So anyone monitoring your connection can read all that is transmitted in plain text, such as your usernames and passwords.

It can slow down the internet speed considerably. Sites that load lightning fast on a normal browser can load painstakingly slow on Tor.

You may have difficulty in logging into sites that check location like Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Change your IP address in Windows Another way how you can decide to hide your IP address is to turn off your router and reconnect it after some time. When you sever your connection and reconnect again, the ISP provider may assign you a new IP address. With that said, it is entirely possible that your IP address is dedicated — in which case this method would be entirely useless to you.

In this case, no amount of turning your router on and off will change your IP address. Even assuming that your IP is dynamically-assigned. Here are the steps to follow on Windows Press the Windows key and X key simultaneously. Click Command Prompt Admin. Close the Command Prompt window. Shutting down the router and starting it again after some time is an effective way to change your IP address. It is not a practical solution, as you may have to keep your router shutdown for a long time, even overnight, to get a new IP.

So when you connect to a public Wi-Fi, you are actually using a different IP number. That said, this is neither an effective method to hide your IP address for free, nor is it overly safe. Using an open hotspot network leaves you vulnerable to hackers. It tells more about you than you think — and others can exploit this information.

Concealing your IP address also gives you access to geo-restricted content. There are many ways how one can choose to hide their IP address. Those include VPN services, proxies, and, of course — the infamous Tor network. Each has its own pros and cons. That siad, a VPN service provides by far the most comprehensive digital protection. It is also ridiculously easy to install and use.

Consider using one if you want to stay safe and anonymous online. As an added benefit — this will also allow you to enjoy the freedom to access your favorite content from anywhere. It all comes down to four simple steps: Sign up for a reliable VPN service. Download and install the VPN client. Before you start browsing the net, launch the app and sign into it. How to hide my IP address when downloading torrents? Torrent clients like Bittorrent and uTorrent allow you to upload and download files using the peer-to-peer P2P protocol.

The problem with this arrangement is your IP address is added to a torrent swarm every time you upload or download a file. As a result, anyone sharing the same file as you — including copyright trolls — can see your IP address. That said, all is not lost.

Why hide your IP address?

Hide your IP address and access blocked websites with our secure proxy VPN on Windows, Protect your online privacy by changing your IP with Hide My IP. Learn how and why you should hide your IP address when doing anything online . Here I’ve done a basic IP lookup, which returned my location down to the area of the city in which I live. Anyone with your IP address can do this.

What is an IP address? How and why hide IP address?

It sucks! I know. Get past censorship Has your government declared certain parts of the internet out of bounds? As a student are you unable to access certain sites because your college has blocked them?

How and why hide IP address?

Updated June 18, , 4: Many sites log these addresses, effectively spying on you, usually to deliver you more personalized ads to get you to spend more money. For some people, this is a significant issue, and there are ways to hide your IP address.

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Here I’ve done a basic IP lookup, which returned my location down to the area of the city in which I live. Anyone with your IP address can do this. Why Hide My IP Address? Handing out your real IP address to every website you visit can threaten your privacy and. Hide IP address to encrypt & secure your privacy; Defeat oppressive censorship; Bypass geo-restricted content like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc. Keep your.

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