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This server then dissolves the domain name into a numeric sequence and returns a corresponding IP address. Troubleshooting The root of such irritating messages can often be traced back to the server outage. In such cases, the DNS server is temporarily unavailable. Most of the time, these problems can be corrected by changing browsers, switching a few of your firewall settings, or restarting your router.
computer correctly configured but dns server not responding

Fixing DNS Server Not Responding Error on Windows 10

The problem is related to the inaccessible DNS server. Suppose you have lost access to the Internet, a yellow triangle appears on the connection icon in the notification pane, and an error appears in Chrome when you try to open any website: As you can see, the problem is that the DNS server not responding.

In most cases, this problem is caused by incorrect settings of your computer, router or errors on the side of your Internet provider. After the connection diagnosis is completed, the The DNS server is not responding error appears in the Windows Network Diagnostics window. Or such an error: In this article we will show you a few simple tips that should help to fix this problem in Windows 10 and other supported Windows versions.

First of all, try the simplest but most effective methods: Restart the router or modem through which you are connected to the Internet just turn off the power for 1 -2 minutes ; RestartyourWindowsdevice; Check if the Internet is working on your other devices and whether DNS errors appears on them too; Did you recently install any new programs?

Some antiviruses with a built-in firewall, if misconfigured, can block Internet access. Verify that this service is enabled: Open the Services management console services. Right-click the connection icon and select Open Network and Internet settings; In new window click Change Adapter options; Find your Internet connection and open its Properties.

Use the following DNS server addresses: Save the changes and restart your computer. If you are connected to the Internet through a router and a problem with DNS servers occurs on all devices that access the Internet over the same router — most likely, you need to check the DNS server settings on the router itself and change them to the ones listed above.

The specific menu item with the DNS server settings may differ depending on the vendor and model of the device and the type of Internet connection. First, check the sections: Below is a screenshot from the sections, in which you could specify DNS servers on popular Linksys routers: If these methods did not help to fix the DNS error, try the next steps: Temporarily disable the antivirus with the firewall; Check the availability of DNS servers with the commands: You may also like: Nslookup name server lookup is a command-line utility that is used to diagnose and verify DNS servers and records, and detect problems with resolvin Also we will show you how to cre Disable Autodiscover on Exchange Server This tutorial will show you how to disable autodiscover on an Exchange on-premise server.

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DNS: online name resolution

only 1 pc having issue? getting an IP from your ISP? what is your dns server settings? try ping ? Only my PC is having connection. Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( DNS server) is not responding. The device will not be able to reach the internet. DNS server not responding error occurs on many Windows computers. Your PC might appear to be correctly configured, but the device or.

DNS server unavailable? Here’s what to do

Troubleshooting , Windows 10 , Windows 7 , Windows 8 Getting “Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource DNS server is not responding” error in Windows 10? Fix it here. Sometimes you may not be able to connect to the Internet due to miscellaneous causes. Most of the problems in such cases occurs due to network adapters. But in few situations, culprit may be network server rather than network adapter, which is preventing you from being connected.

What’s the Cause of DNS Server not Responding?

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Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( DNS server) is not responding. The problem is quite popular and. Or such an error: “Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding”. dns server no. DNS Server Not Responding: How To Fix Error In Windows “Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource.

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