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It comes with a suite of optimization tools, including an uninstaller, one-click registry fixes, defragmenters, and more. Lots of tools: IOBit’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to Advanced SystemCare means you’re bound to find something useful for your machine in its massive library of tools, tweakers, and cleaners.
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Advanced SystemCare Review

All programs are compatible with all recent and not so recent versions of the Windows operating system starting with Windows XP. Advanced SystemCare 9.

First of all, it will install the company’s Driver Booster software if you don’t uncheck the option. Additionally, it allows you to change the installation folder and block the creation of a desktop shortcut. The program installer itself has a size of about 40 Megabytes, and installation itself is uneventful and without surprises. The installer will display an option to subscribe to the IOBit newsletter in the end which you can skip with a click on “give up my privileges”.

The main program interface is launched afterwards, as is a “thank you” page on the IOBit website. You may use it to run a quick scan of the system based on selections displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The default scan checks for spyware, Registry and file junk, traces, broken shortcuts, and runs the Internet Boost module on top of that. You may add other components to it, for instance a disk scan, Registry defragmentation, or disk optimization. Naturally, you may also disable some of the selected components before you hit the scan button.

The scan may take some time depending on the selected components and the performance of the PC. You can check a box here to have the program fix all issues found automatically, but that is usually not a good option. A summary of the program’s findings are displayed in the end. The PC’s security, performance and stability is rated by Advanced SystemCare based on the scan results. Before you hit fix, which will fix all selected issues which means all issues by default , you can click on components to find out more about the problems discovered during the scan.

Additionally, you may uncheck issues so that they are not fixed, or change the action the program will undertake when you hit the fix button. Turbo Boost: This mode, when enabled, tries to improve performance by stopping background apps and services, and releasing RAM. It ships with three modes work, game, economy , of which you can select one with a click on configure. There you find options to select services, apps and other settings that you want turned off or enabled when the mode is activated.

Startup Accelerate: Analyzes startup programs and suggests to disable startup for items you don’t require at all times to speed up system start. Deep Optimization: Suggests optimizations for hard disk, network and system items to improve performance. Launches IOBit Uninstaller. You can use the program to remove programs, toolbars and plugins from the PC.

Protect Protect is the first tab that displays Pro-only features if you click through from left to right. The three options provided for free users are the following ones: DNS Protect: Protects DNS settings to prevent malware from modifying these settings. Win10 Reinforce: Surfing Protection: Protects against various online threats. Toolbox The toolbox lists a collection of tools that you can run separately. Some of the tools are already used by other sections of the application.

You may notice two things right away: So, more or less a promotion for these programs. Then, you will notice that there are quite a few Pro-only tools listed there. We talk about the differences to the Pro versions later on.

Please note that most tools listed on the page need to be downloaded before they can be used. The toolbox separates tools into three sections: Security and Repair MyWin Designed specifically for Windows 10, this tool checks for common issues associated with Microsoft’s new operating system and suggests to fix those.

Provides you with options to transfer data from one PC to another. Disk Doctor: Scans hard drives for errors and issues, and fixes those. Scans hard drives and storage devices for deleted files to provide you with the means to restore them. File Shredder: Delete files securely so that they cannot be recovered anymore. Default Program: Set the default browser, email client, image viewer and other default programs. IE Helper: Manage Internet Explorer add-ons and context menu entries.

System Control: Change operating system settings such as the context menu of Windows Explorer, input options, animations and effects, or privacy related settings. System Optimize Startup Manager: Manage startup programs, browser startup items, Windows Services, and Scheduled Tasks. Auto Shutdown: Configure your PC to shut down automatically or on schedule. Program Deactivator: Disable background apps, scheduled tasks or startup items.

Registry Defrag: Compact the Windows Registry to speed up system start. System Information: Displays information about the system. ASC Portable Version: Creates a portable copy of Advanced SystemCare.

System Clean Large Files finder: Scans the system for large files giving you options to remove them to improve free disk space. Empty Folder Scanner: Scans the system for empty folders so that you can delete them. Shortcut Fixer: Scans for broken shortcuts. Cloned Files Scanner: Scans for duplicate files. Process Manager: A Task Manager alternative. Action Center Action Center is divided into two sections. The second checks software installed on the system to find out if updates are available.

Pro offers all features of the Free edition and then some, and Ultimate all features of Free and Pro, and then some. It can be installed on three PCs and includes updates for one year. Automatic Updates Browser Anti-Tracking: Cleans tracks from supported web browsers automatically when they are closed. Disk Cleaner: Scans the system for junk and temporary files, and offers to remove those.

Free Technical Support. Internet Booster: Optimizes Popular Web Browsers to speed up Internet browsing. Protects the system against spyware threats. Registry Cleaner: Scans the Registry for unneeded entries and offers to remove those. Smart RAM: Active monitors memory usage and optimizes it. Win Fix: Analyze Windows issues and fix those. It offers all Pro versions features, and adds to that real-time protection against malicious software such as viruses.

While that may be the case for some systems, it is usually not the case. That does not mean that the functionality it makes available is not useful, but it is safe to say that the gains from running the program won’t be as impressive for the majority of PCs it is run on.

Editors’ Review

Over time, Windows PCs become slow as you use them. It is a universal fact! Windows creates a lot of internal data every time you do. Editors’ Review. by Eddie Cho / October 29, Advanced SystemCare Free is a Swiss Army Knife of a PC utility. It comes with a suite of. Apparently, Advanced System Care is bad for your computer, as are most P.S. CCleaner was hacked in and delivered a trojan to a few.

Advanced SystemCare 12 Free

A very bad experience Decided to grab myself a copy of Advanced System Care as I’d heard good things about it lately, considering this software used to completely mess up a system’s registry, it seemed like the software may have finally ironed out the issues it was originally plagued with. It seems I was wrong. After some digging, it seems this may be due to iobit allegedly stealing malwarebyte’s definitions of Malware in the past.

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Advanced SystemCare 12 will help clean up these junk files and free up your disk space. Also, you can use our advanced tools to make registry clean for better use.

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Advanced SystemCare reviews – Reviews and comments about Advanced SystemCare. reviewed onSeptember 14, by Anonymous. FRAUD!!!!. &quot. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 is a powerful and full-scale software for PC security Editor’s review Winner of Best System Cleaner in and Editors’ Review. by Eddie Cho / October 29, Advanced SystemCare Free is a Swiss Army Knife of a PC utility. It comes with a suite of.

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